• Software for Flight Simulators

    from Microsoft and Lockheed Martin


    Airport Design Editor is free for personal and commercial use in all versions subject to my terms and conditions which are available on request.
    A public key for the Prokey is shown below. ProKey functions may be rolled into ADE for FS9/FSX/P3D at a later date.
    Name: ade_prokey
    Key: 4160-2EE1-C226-E407-88DB-22CE-6782-6A1C
    There is no key required for commercial use.

  • ScruffyDuck Software

    Is a small developer concentrating on the development of high quality applications for Flight Simmers. Our most important software is Airport Design Editor which is used by many thousands of users. This has been in continuous development since 2006.

    ADE Development Team

    The team consists of a wide range of Flight Sim enthusiasts. Some are well known names in the Community and are experts in the design and enhancement of airports. Others come from a less technical more end user oriented background. The common theme joining us is the desire to create high quality, easy to use tools that enable all members of the community to improve and enhance their simming experience