• Airport Design Editor

    Airport Design Editor (ADE) is a graphical design tool to create and enhance airports for Microsoft FS9 and FSX as well as all versions of Lockheed Martin's P3D. It takes it's inspiration from the excellent AFCAD2 developed for FS9 by Lee Swordy.

    Users can also remove, move, or edit existing buildings and objects as well as adding new ones


    • In addition to airport elements ADE also has a visual Approach Editor to add and enhance the approaches to your airports. ADE is being developed with the help of a small group of dedicated airport designers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

      ADE sets out to achieve two things in designing and enhancing airports. First to make the enhanced airport look good, and second to make it work properly. Airport design must address both aspects - the visible and the invisible. The design philosophy goes further in assisting users of all levels to get things right from the start. Error checking and 'common sense' are built in. At the same time it is important to allow users flexibility.





      • CAD style design of airports including all the facilities such as runways, aprons, taxiways, fencing and so on.
      • Navigation Aids.
      • Flexible background images that make it possible to  use different types of image to guide the design of your airport
      • Real time connection to the simulator (via the relevant version of FSUIPC)
      • Custom ground polygons and lines using supplied textures or your own textures
      • Supports FS9, FSX and all versions of P3D
      • Terrain (FSX/P3D) and Flattens for FS9
      • Flattens, exclusions, land and water class
      • Sloping polygons
      • Roads, streams, utilities and railroads
      • Scenery Object and Buildings
      • Display default buildings in ADE making it easy to move, delete or replace them
      •  Library Object Manager for users to manage library objects, and place in your airport
      •  Easy way to save and copy generic buildings from one airport to another
      • Visual Approach Designer that Mimics GPS display in FS, can modify existing approach code, and add new approaches


    • ProKey

      The ProKey gives access to some advanced features in ADE. For many users ADE will provide everything they need to create or enhance airports in both FS9 and FSX. ADE has been designed to be a user friendly as possible and has a number of mechanisms that reduce the risk of creating an airport that will not compile or that does not work in the Simulator. Some users will want more control like direct access to the XML code or the ability to move or rotate entire airports. ProKey will give access to these and more.


      Download a 15 day Evaluation Copy of ProKey now from our downloads section.


      New ProKey features are usually added on a regular basis. Those currently available include:


      + Move airport

      + Rotate airport

      + Edit properties directly (allows editing of underlying XML)

      + Save fault finder options

      + Open last saved project when ADE starts

      + Custom hide airport objects

      + Nudge objects accurately into position with arrow keys

      + Specify the number of vertices to be used when creating elliptical helper shapes


      The ProKey will need a key when the evaluation period runs out:


      Name: ade_prokey

      Key: 4160-2EE1-C226-E407-88DB-22CE-6782-6A1C


    • Commercial Use

      ADE is free for personal and commercial use subject to our terms and conditions. No key is required to use ADE for commercial gain.

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