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    ADE Current Production Version

    The current production version of ADE is version 1.78 released on Dec 24, 2019

    Model Footprint Database

    The model footprint database is for ADE 1.70 and 1.75. Please note that you only need to download this for installations between 1.70 and 1.75. It is included in the installer for version 1.76 and later

    Airport Design Editor Manual

    This is the last manual created for ADE and contains most of the information needed to successfully use ADE. More recent functionality and updates to ADE can be accessed online and via the program help menu


    The ProKey is free to use but a license will be required to activate it after the trial period. That license is


    Name: ade_prokey

    Key: 4160-2EE1-C226-E407-88DB-22CE-6782-6A1C


    Big Thumbnail Pack for FSX/P3D

    The Big Thumbnail Pack for the stock library objects in FSX/P3D. This should give you thumbnails for the objects that are listed in ADE.

    Big Thumbnail Pack for FS9

    The Big Thumbnail Pack for FS9 contains thumbnails for stock FS9 objects and many third party libraries. Be aware that it is 200Mb in size.


    ADE German Manual

    We have a manual in German which was created some years ago. However it is still available and may be of help


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    ADE Development Version

    There is usually a development version of ADE. This is where new and enhanced features are tested and bugs fixed. If there is a development version you are welcome to try it out and it can accessed by clicking the button below which will take you to another page with the download link


    The current development version is 1.79 and it supports the newly released P3D v5


  • ADE Old Versions

     Please be aware that versions below are no longer supported or updated. Please do not install these over later versions. Please note that projects created by current or newer versions of ADE may not load into these older versions and may result in project files becoming corrupt and unusable.


    Version 1.76

    Version 1.70

    Version 1.65